Halo Provides Health and Air Quality Alerting

Due to its multi-purpose use, HALO purchases can qualify for multiple funding sources. HALO falls under category grants for safety, health, and air quality.

  • Vape/THC/Marijuana/Cigarette Detection: Alerts to anyone vaping in location.
  • Air Quality Monitoring/Airborne Sickness Prevention: Alerts to unhealthy air conditions and those that are likely to spread airborne disease pathogens.
  • Vandalism/Fighting Audio and Gunshot Detection: Alerts to abnormally loud noises like breaking items and yelling.
  • Emergency/Bullying Keyword Alerting and Panic Button: A person in distress says a keyword or pressed a panic button, alerting security and triggering a response to diffuse the situation and notify that help is on its way.
  • CO² and HVAC filter monitoring, and Energy Management: Alerts to rising CO² levels that lead to inattentiveness, lethargy, and respiratory issues like asthma. Identify when filters need to be replaced/cleaned based on particulates they are allowing to escape, protect air quality, and maximize the length of an HVAC system. Control heating and AC based on occupancy and need.
  • Occupancy/Trespassing Alerting and People Counting: Captures sound and lighting to alert the presence of trespassers. Detects when foot traffic has exceeded pre-defined thresholds.
  • Chemical and Cleaning Agent Detection: Know when facilities have been cleaned or when any harmful chemical has been released in an art or science lab, storage room, bus depot, etc.
  • Emergency and Escape Lighting: Allows occupants to navigate safely in a lockdown.

The vape epidemic has been skyrocketing among
students in recent years. HALO can identify vaping in
privacy areas such as bathrooms, locker rooms, dorm
rooms, and faculty rooms.


With poor air quality, a student’s learning environment
is compromised, leading to inattentiveness and lost
productivity. Automate and ensure proper ventilation
in each room with BACnet integration.


School shootings are happening more often than you
think. By placing HALO throughout your school, you
can identify gunshots and the location with two-factor
authentication. 3rd party certified.


Receive notifications when lights or noise is detected
in unauthorized areas and after hours.


Students and staff can call for help using specific
keywords. Get notified of fights or bullying in
bathrooms, locker rooms, and dorm rooms.


Some infectious diseases are often spread through
the air with high CO2 levels. Ensure rooms have
been cleaned and that air is properly filtered.


Catch chemical spills and hazardous gases in
science labs, mechanical or utility rooms, custodial
closets, and maintenance areas.


Create custom alarms to monitor HVAC
effectiveness and only use when rooms are

Why is HALO the #1 Vape Detector?

Halo Is an Open Platform

Direct integration with your video surveillance camera system can save you time and headaches. As alarm events from HALO are communicated, your camera system can enable camera recording, enhance frame rate and resolution, move PTZ Cameras, and bookmark video so that a single click can bring you to the right camera(s) at the right time.

Halo Is Always On

As a 25-year-old security manufacturer, we take safety and health very seriously.

Nobody wants to invest in a vape detector that will be out of date and useless soon after purchasing. This is why our engineering team is always testing the latest products on the market to capture the chemical signatures and develop readings and alerts for them. It was during these testing periods that the HALO team identified specific signatures for Masking. Masking is when someone tries to cover up their vaping activity by spraying concurrent aerosol sprays, such as air fresheners or body deodorant.