Everything is Better In the Cloud

Mitel MiCloud

When running a business, you need to focus on what’s important, not whether or not communication systems are implementing and managing the information they should be. Make things simple for yourself with the migration to Mitel’s MiCloud, and receive quicker updates, and the latest applications.

MiCloud operates on a monthly cost, so the need to spend a large amount of money upfront is eliminated. It also provides flexible plan options so you can mix and match the features suited best for your business needs.


In a new world where most cloud providers simply resell other people’s technology, we stand apart. We have built our solution
from the ground up, we own and manage our own data center, we are a registered CLEC governed strictly by the FCC, our data center is PCI compliant, we are publicly traded, and we are backed by more than 45 consecutive years of direct telecom expertise at all levels of our organization. We’re the real deal, and were darn proud! See what all the hype is about and ask your Crexendo representative to brag a bit, and you’ll quickly see why Crexendo is the smart choice for modern businesses.

The Right Features

Standard: (transfer, forward, intercom, paging, etc.)
Advanced: (find/follow me, ring groups, etc.)
System: (auto attendant, voicemail, conferencing, etc.)

State of the Art Phones & Apps

Multiple Phone Options (displays, buttons, etc.)
Desktop Applications (users, receptionists, agents, etc.)
Mobility (phone & tablet apps, wireless phones, etc.)

Powerful Call Center Software

Supervisor Controls (barge/monitor/whisper, etc.)
Agent Controls (login, monitoring, etc.)
Hunt Groups, Queues & ACD
Call Status, Real Time Dashboard, Recording, Reporting

Ruckus Zoneflex R600 Rochester NY

Built For Business

Saves Money Every Month
Improves Business Processes
Adapts to Business Growth
Survives Through Disaster

BTrusted By IT

Stays Up To Date
Improves Security & Reliability
Optimizes IT Resources
Simplifies Self-Serve Admin

Preferred By Users

Features Are Easy
Personalization Is Simple
Mobility Is Seamless
Saving Time Is Effortless

To learn more about our cloud services and solutions, please give us a call at 585-697-5029!