Contact Center

peopleRel Comm understands that each Call Center differs in size and scope. We have helped sculpt a solution for small to medium size businesses as well as enterprise clients with multi-site locations.
  • Better customer experience – In conjunction with skill based routing and voice documentation, improving your customer satisfaction will be guaranteed
  • Reduced cost per communication – With self-service options such as IVR screen pops of your CRM, a contact center can greatly reduce your cost per transaction
  • Business continuity – Call Centers may be in multiple geographic locations. With our Contact Center solutions, all Call Centers act as one unified entity
  • Reporting – With over 200 statistics to report on, your Call Center will be able to address the metrics that will create a more efficient Call Center

With multiple partners offering feature rich solutions, your Contact Center Solution can include features like:

  • Call recording
  • Customized disposition codes and notes
  • Call queues
  • Outbound caller id
  • Skills based routing
  • IVR (self-service option)
  • Email queues
  • Social Media queues
  • Detailed reporting

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